Favorite Pictures

Haunting Eyes Ian Kydd'Miller © 2010

 One of my personal favorite pictures. Taken in Cambodia 2010. It’s an image I just keep returning to, reprocessing, looking at and printing. The eyes just draw you in I feel…

Do you have an image you keep returning to ??


living in Cambodialiving in Cambodialiving in Cambodialiving in Cambodia


About Ian Kydd'Miller

I love taking pictures have been doing so for 30 years both as an amatuer and semi pro.. I use Canon digital cameras and lenses. I have returned now to Cambodia.Working now as a Freelance Photo Journalist Social Documentary photography features prominently in my work. It is my favoured subject. I also enjoy Landscape, People and travel pictures on a personal level. Originally from Cheshire in the UK I spent most of my working life dealing with people in one way or another. I worked for the Health Service in the UK and Canada and spent time also in the Military. I am now living and working in South East Asia, based presently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I moved here in October of 2009. Phnom Penh is a good central base for travelling throughout Asia and is why I chose to settle here for a while. COPYRIGHT NOTICE © FusionAsia. Ian Kydd' Miller Respectfully DO NOT use anything from my galleries for blogs, websites, myspace, face book, banners, designs, posters, cd's, books etc WITHOUT my written approval. My work is NOT stock. If you see my work being used, Please contact me. Please respect copyrights.Ian Kydd'Miller ©
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2 Responses to Favorite Pictures

  1. happypoppeye says:

    It’s a great shot, no doubt. …not about the technicals, about the subject. Connection between the viewer and the subject through those eyes. …I probably have about 1000 I keep returning too.

    From an outside looking in, knowing this encounter means so much more to you than it ever could to anyone who wasn’t there, and not knowing how you already post processed it – I would say crop the sides, maybe a little punch to the eyes …or just leave it as is and call it perfect.


  2. happypoppeye says:

    …and I knew that Avatar looked familiar (and just got the NEM). New England Moments – looks like the site is growing and is definitely recognizable.

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