Photography made easier with Lowepro Slingshot 100

Photography made easier with Lowepro Slingshot 100


Amaro Willis

Photographers, with their expensive cameras and support equipment, when trying to capture the beauty of natural terrains, often face trouble in safely carrying around this delicate and costly luggage. A camera, that can become useless with even a scratch on the lens or contact with water, does need extra protection. Similarly, road bumps, mountain climbing and such activities may kill the life of your equipment. Therefore photographers are constantly looking for ways in which they can get this protection.  Lowepro slingshot 100 is one solution to this problem. These latest backpacks are enriched with new and improved features which make them more purposeful, useful and desirable. Due to increased demand, and creativity in this field, this new range of extra comfortable and easy to carry backpacks has come out.

With this Lowepro Slingshot 100, it takes no more than a second to shift between camera modes. With only a click and no wait, you can move from the carry mode to the ready stage. Therefore, you will find these more convenient and ready on your instant demand. No more worry of losing the shot or the moment while getting your equipment ready.

The additional appealing features of these bags include built in pouches where you can store your memory cards and carry your work with you. It also has an exclusive micro fiber LCD cloth with which you can swipe clean the lens of your camera without a concern for scratching its surface. Moreover, along with your camera, this enables you to carry spare pairs of accessories too.

You need not worry about the added weight too, because these specially designed backpacks weigh around less than 2 pounds. Their outer layer is resistant to water, being made of well selected materials such as fiber, polyester and rip stop nylon. Also, these are suitable for all sorts of weather, including extreme ones, so you can use them all year around, in deserts, valleys or mountains.

There are various other features add small surprises too that you will discover once you go to purchase your own Lowepro 100. For example, when not needed, this can easily be folded and kept aside.


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