New Canon Rebel 3Ti

Canon T3i Review – First-Time Digital SLR Buyers, Don’t Miss This One

Author: Wayne Rasku

Beginning photographers and “wanna be” photographers, your wait is over.

Canon has answered your prayers with the Canon Rebel T3i. Replacing the T2i after only a year, the T3i is ready to rock and roll.

One year is about normal for the release of a new Rebel digital SLR.

Since you are in the market for a new camera, this is great news for you. Read on to find out what great things this new camera has to offer.

Some folks are belly-aching about the fact that the newest Rebel does not have a new sensor. This is actually the first time since the first sub-$1000 camera that the sensor size has not been increased. But don’t you think the 60D and 7D produce terrific images? Yes, and they both have this exact same sensor. This means that if you get a T3i, you are virtually guaranteed the same high quality images as those who are shooting with those more expensive DSLRs.

And that’s not all. There is a long list of non-upgraded features. Here are the major ones:

1. As already mentioned, the 18 megapixel CMOS sensor was not changed.

2. The DIGIC 4 processor is still the same.

3. It has the same 18-55mm kit lens.

4. ISO range from 100-6400 with expandable range to 12800 is the same as well.

5. Video recording is the same (again it is also the same as in the 60D and 7D).

6. The T2i has a continuous shooting rate of 3.7 frames per second, and so does the T3i… no change.

Wait! You must be wondering what is different, right? If all these things are the same, you should be able to save a few bucks and buy the T2i, right?

Hold your horses, Bucky. There is plenty to rejoice about.

First and foremost, and this is a biggy. The Canon Rebel T3i has an articulating LCD screen, the same one as in the 60D. Photographers who take lots of video LOVE this feature.

The second thing to get excited about is “Green Square,” a new mode setting. This setting allows the camera to make creative adjustments for each shot. It is similar to the intelligent auto button on many top rated point and shoot cameras. If you are at all confused about the settings for a particular shot, let the camera do the work and enjoy the benefits.

Third – Creative filters for in-camera editing. With this feature, you can convert a photo that you have already taken to a different mode without having to upload it to a computer. You can even create fish-eye effects with this new feature.

The fourth feature is also a huge one. The T3i is the first Rebel to have mode descriptions display on the LCD screen. When you select a new mode, you don’t have to memorize what the little picture on the dial means. Now there is a description to let you know what that dial setting will do. Gotta love this one.

Don’t you think Canon has been listening to its users? This new Canon Rebel T3i has lots of new benefits that will please new digital SLR buyers.

There is lots of competition in the entry-level digital SLR market. What is it that sets this one apart from all the others? That is an excellent question that begs an answer. Does the name Canon do anything at all for ya?

Click on Canon Rebel T3i to go to the product description page at www.digital-photographic-resources.com.



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