200mm f2L IS USM

This ultra-fast, very expensive,telephoto, a new member of Canon legendary L-series lenses, has totally new optics to provide better image quality. It uses fluorite and UD lens elements for excellent chromatic aberration correction and consists of 17 elements in 12 groups. The built-in Optical Image Stabilizer gives it up to 4 stops of stabilization correction. The inner USM and optimized AF algorithms result in fast and quiet autofocusing, and the circular aperture can even produce beautiful out-of-focus images. This ultra-high-performance lens also improves its durability – better dust- and water-proofing. The EF 200mm f/2L IS USM is outstanding for many available-light applications, including indoor sports, theater work, fashion, and candids at events.

The Canon EF 200mm f/2.0 L IS USM Lens’ Ring USM (Ultrasonic Motor) driven AF is extremely fast and very accurate. AI Servo tracking of in-motion subjects is definitely a strength of this lens. The internal-focusing lens does not extend and does not rotate the front element – which does not matter in regards to filter use as this lens does not accept front-mount filters (even if they could be attached, they would cost a fortune). A fixed-size lens is nicer to use than one that changes size – most fixed focal length lenses do not extend. FTM (Full Time Manual) focusing is enabled.

EF 200mm f/2.0 L IS USM Lens is at its release the shortest fixed-focal-length (prime) lens to have Image Stabilization. This IS implementation is rated by Canon for a state-of-the-art up-to-4-stops of improvement – and I find the improvement to be as-rated. After a long day of physical labor (around the house), and after well over 250 shots taken handheld (this is a heavy lens), I could still take sharp handheld shots at 1/5 sec.

The f/2 aperture sets this 200mm lens apart – f/2 allows action-stopping shutter speeds in low light and creates a very shallow depth of field.

You will have to have very deep pockets to afford this baby at $5500+ US but some may think it worth it.

Specifications Canon EF 200mm f/2.0 L IS USM Lens
Focal Length Range 200mm
APS-C Sensor DSLRs Only? N
Lenses / Groups 17/12
Angle of View: Diagonal 12°
Angle of View: Horizontal 10°
Angle of View: Vertical
Aperture Range – Wide / Long f/2.0-32
Number of Aperture Blades 8
Rounded Aperture? Y
Manufacturer Specification Weight 89 oz
Actual Weight 91.3 oz
Lens Hood Weight 7.2 oz
In-Use Weight 95.8 oz
Manufacturer Spec Size (DxL) 5.04 x 8.19”
Measured Size (DxL) 6.36 x 8.53”
Max Diameter at Tripod Ring 5.5”
Max Length at Full Extension 8.53”
Internal Zoom? / Extends with Zoom?
Internal Focusing? / Extends with Focusing? Y / N
Lens Hood Size (DxL) 6.33 x 4.93”
Lens Length with Hood (Min / Max)
Size of Rings – Zoom / Focus / 1.54”
Filter Size DI 52mm
Front Element (Filter Mount) Rotates N
AF Motor Type Ring USM
Full Time Manual Focus Y
Focus Ring Rotation 231°
Focus Limiter? / Focus Limiter Ranges Y /
Distance Info Provided to Camera? Y
Distance Scale? / Type Y / Window
Close Focus
Specified Min Focus Distance 74.8”
Tested Min Focus Distance (Wide / Long) 73.78”
Maximum Magnification (MM) 0.12x
MM with 12mm Extension Tube 0.19-0.06x
MM with 25mm Extension Tube 0.26-0.14x
MM with 250D Closeup Lens
MM with 500D Closeup Lens
Tripod Ring Included? / Removable? Y / N
Zoom Ring Lock Switch? N
Lens Hood Model / Included? ET-120B / Y
Weather Sealed? / Filter Required? Y / N
Image Stabilization? / Stops? / Tripod Sensing? Y / 4 (or 5) / Y
Metal Mount? Y
Extender Compatible? Y
Case Included? / Type? Y / Lens Case 200
47.25″ x 31.5″ Subject Framing Distance 200mm = 23.44′
400mm = 45.04′ (w/ 2.0x)
Year Introduced 2008

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