Sigma 50mm macro camera lens for Canon Review

Sigma 50mm macro camera lens for Canon Review



For the Canon digital slr camera enthusiasts around and I acknowledge there are tons among us, with regards to a new 50mm macro we have got a selection. Along with the Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 compact macro, that is certainly dealt with at length at the 50mm macro website, Sigma also make a 50mm macro for any Canon, known as the Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro Lens for Canon DSLR cameras.

It is certainly not necessarily just the 50mm macro camera lens where Sigma can easily give you a great substitute. Sigma lenses additionally present a big selection of lenses using a suitable Canon mount which offer you a less expensive, still quality alternative.

When it comes to abilities, the best and most clear plus for that Sigma 50mm macro for Canon is that the Sigma 50mm macro gives 1:1 magnification, whereas the Canon 50mm macro camera lens delivers 1:0.5. The Canon can become improved simply by using a life size converter though this is an extra few hundred dollars. Myself, I really don\’t know that if I had the preference over again that I would certainly order the Canon 50mm macro. I honestly feel with 1:1 magnification without having the need for extra extras, and pricey components at that, as well as a fantastic standing for top quality lenses and a lesser selling price, Sigma would most likely get my vote on this occasion!

I don\’t own the Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro Lens myself, I have the Canon 50mm macro lens, thus looked on the web a lot to look for feedback and observe what individuals are saying with the aim to construct a summary of positives and negatives. Generally there were observations in some places with regards to possible differences in contrast, color interpretation and even sound of the lens but most were just solo anecdotal experiences, so I decided not to choose the pros and cons collection. It seems there are many of satisfied and content campers on the Sigma side and yet more than likely similarly as many on the Canon side too. I suppose the excellent encouraging thing out of it is the fact that I really didn\’t read any kind of bad reviews involving either macro lens!

If I happened to be obtaining a 50mm macro at this time, one may well inquire, which might I buy. Hmm..that may be a challenging one, I appreciate my Canon 50mm macro, on the other hand, the Sigma is less expensive, presents much higher magnification without having a requirement for a life size converter and does indeed have great user reviews. I may well have to suggest, it\’s possible I\’d try the Sigma? It is really great to have these kinds of fantastic options though, isn\’t it?

While you are out and about shopping for a 50mm macro camera lens, do try to remember to hold some further funds for some necessary extras, such as a tripod plus a Ultra violet filter. By using a tripod wherever feasible may definitely assist your image quality simply by helping to eradicate \’shaking\’ of the dslr camera which unfortunately can become rather recognizable with these kinds of large magnification. A UV filter, not simply provides Uv filtering (of course) but definitely notably, could supply cost-effective coverage for your important macro lens!

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