Chinese Black Tea: A New Craze in Staying Healthy

Author: D. Karlson

Why should people choose Chinese black tea over any other tea? Chinese black tea has become popular these days due to its profound and promising health benefits. This is made from brewed black tea that can come in different color ranges: from reddish brown to black. But why are people becoming interested in this type of tea these days?

Well maybe because this tea has a unique characteristic of becoming mellow with age but grows richer and deeper in flavor. Similar to wines or whiskey that tastes better with age, this also happens with this type of tea except that keeping tea is easier than aging wine or whiskey, which requires regulating the temperature.

Another interesting characteristic of this tea is that it can come in different forms, shapes and sizes. You can buy one that is round, square, or bamboo-like tubes. And the most interesting thing about this type of tea is that it is the only tea that has a very profound and mysterious effect on human health based on researches conducted.

Chinese Black Tea has Been Around for a Long Time

This type has been around for ages, China’s ethnic minorities use this type of tea to stay healthy. They also don’t tire easily and are not prone to headaches or poor health. Research has found that people who drink this tea maintain a far healthier mind and body than people who don’t drink this tea.

Because of the popularity of this tea, a number of black tea salons sprung up in China especially Beijing. There is even a tea salon in Taiyuanfang that specializes in black teas: serving teas that has been aged for more than 20 years. You can order this tea with milk, or with rose or chrysanthemum petals to lace it with floral scents and flavors. Tibetans even drink this with butter and salt.

Chinese black tea is also made from green tea. But the green tea has to be steamed first then it is left to ferment naturally. Like making cheese, producing black tea also involves working with molds like aspergillus and penicillium.

These molds will be responsible for the changes in the green tea to produce the black variety. This is a unique tea as its color and flavor not only depends on age, this also differs on where and how the green tea was grown. Drinking this type of tea is such a unique experience that you definitely have to savor the moment as you are drinking the tea. And there is also a sense of history in drinking the Chinese black tea with its age and a sense of mystery.

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