Do You Really Need An Expensive Camera?

Author: Keith Barrett

The world of technology moves at a rapid pace and the speed of change is sometimes taken for granted. When we think about the changes that have taken place in terms of photographic equipment, for instance, we can see that we really have lived through something of a revolution.

For most of us, old 35mm cameras now seem like something of a distant memory. We’ve become used to having digital cameras, with all of the benefits that are associated with them. It may seem strange to think that we were once amazed by the ability of Polaroid cameras to produce seemingly instant results.

We now take such instant responses for granted. We expect to see images immediately, allowing us to judge whether we have captured the right view, or an individual in the correct pose. So it seems clear that the changes in camera technology have brought many advantages for us. But are there costs associated with such advantages?

Some top photographers still insist on using 35mm film, believing that this allows them to capture perfect images. Others complain that software makes it too easy to manipulate photographs. They often wonder whether the purpose of photography should really be about trying to fool the viewer.

More fundamentally, there may be concerns about the costs associated with cameras. It could be argued that the costs have been reducing, partly because digital cameras certainly aren’t as expensive as they once were. It’s also clear that we no longer have to pay to get film developed, which also represents a significant cost saving.

Despite this, we can see that there’s a wide range of pricing options available to us. Should we opt for the most expensive camera that we can find? This rather depends on how often you use a camera and what you are using it for. If you simply enjoy taking a few holiday snaps, then it’s likely that an expensive camera may represent an unnecessary expense. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t purchase one – it’s just that an expensive camera may not really be needed.

If you’re a professional photographer, or an enthusiastic amateur, then you obviously might want to consider more expensive hardware. The additional money is likely to buy you a camera that offers considerably more options, an increased resolution and the opportunity to take better photographs. It’s also true, however, that you need to understand the basics of photography in order to get the best shots.

You can obviously get many of the best deals online, so make sure that you shop around. Many of the leading brand names appear in numerous online stores, allowing you to compare prices and select the deal that offers the very best value for money.

You can track down the best digital camera for your needs, as discussed by Simon Barnett. This article may be used by any website publisher, though this resource box must always be included in full.


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