How to Become a Good Photographer

<h1>How to Become a Good Photographer</h1>
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Clare Richards</a></strong><br /><p>Becoming a photographer is all about perseverance and passion for doing what you love. You\'ve got the passion? Then you need the kit. Having the right camera for you is a vital part becoming a photographer. You can read all the camera guides in the world, but choosing a camera should be a personal choice, one that fits your needs, preferences and most importantly your budget! A good photographer can take any camera and take a brilliant photograph but you\'ll still want value for money / best spec camera to suit your specific needs.  A good camera body is nothing without its lens; the lens is the most important part of your kit, so the glass you buy needs to be of the highest quality. Being a professional photographer, you\'ll need a range of lenses suitable to your chosen speciality in photography, whether its landscape, weddings, portraits or wildlife. Consider the typical focal ranges and apertures you use and buy a lens that will incorporate these. Full time wedding photographers tend to have a back up kit, with everything from second camera bodies and lenses in case anything goes wrong on the day.</p>
<p>Unfortunately, going from a beginner to becoming a pro doesn\'t happen overnight. Knowing how your camera works inside out needs to be your first priority. Knowing how to deal and make allowances for things out of your control, such as the glorious British weather is essential. You can achieve this easily by making sure you know how to use you camera completely on manual. Short photography courses are a great way to get to grips with your SLR, especially for those of us who don\'t have the time/patience to do a degree in it! After this, practice is everything – make sure your camera becomes your new best friend – take it everywhere. So you\'ll never have to say ‘I wish I had a camera with me\' again. If you want to become a working photographer, a common thing to do when starting out is to offer your photography services out free locally to get experience, not only of taking photos but building up your portfolio and of working with people to a brief. A good way to make connections is to offer yourself as a second shooter or assistant to a photographer. Often these positions are unpaid but can provide invaluable experience that can get you well on the way building a decent portfolio.</p>
<p> Having a portfolio is key to getting work as a photographer, or maybe you just want one for yourself. There are two ways to go with a portfolio; a more traditional printed display of work or an online/electronic portfolio. For either of these you need to make sure your portfolio is tailored to the position you are going for. Make sure there\'s not too many ‘samey\' shots, show diversity in your abilities while maintaining your own style. Usually a simply laid out portfolio is the best, a plain background, traditionally white or black is used. If you have an online portfolio make sure you work is broken down into categories so a viewer can find what they\'re looking for easily.</p>
<p>Looking professional as a photographer is all in your presentation and the attention to detail, which, as a photographer is something you should be aware of, from the way you dress when working to the photos you take. Remember composition as you\'re snapping away, the correct framing of a shot can make or break a photo. As with handling the manual controls of your camera, practicing and reviewing your shots will make this second nature to you. It can be easy to forget things when you're concentrating on one specific technique, it happens to the best of us. Try writing down some short reminders to yourself and keep them in your camera bag. If you\'ve got ten minutes at home it\'s worth looking at video tutorials to keep on top of things. Our Red Cloud tutorials are easy to follow, informative, and packed with useful hints and tips. You can revisit, replay and rely on for a continued learning experience. If you\'re looking for something more detailed, then join us on any of our numerous courses, in numerous locations - suitable for any level of photographer.</p><p>Article Source: <a href='' title='How to Become a Good Photographer'></a></p><strong>About the Author</strong><br /><p>Clare Richards</p>
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