Misconceptions About Digital Cameras

Misconceptions About Digital Cameras


Karen Chan

There are a couple of mindsets that we have regarding cameras. For example, most people think that the higher the megapixel, the better. Or that SLR cameras are automatically better than anything else in the world. These paradigms are based on some truths but the perfect camera is relative. What may work for one person is not necessarily the best thing for the next person.


Here are a couple of facts that will set our minds straight and might even save us a couple of bucks when purchasing our next camera.


First fact is that megapixels aren\’t everything. Well, first let\’s enumerate what you can get from a camera that has high megapixel. The resolution is better so cropped images will turn out a lot better as compared to the cropped images from a camera with lower megapixels. Also, if you want a big printed copy of the photo you took, higher resolution will yield better results. So, if you don\’t really plan on cropping anything or if you\’re not planning to print the photo any bigger than an 8′ x 10′ print out then, a five to six megapixel camera will be sufficient.


Instead on focusing on getting a camera with a very high megapixel, focus instead on the zoom. Having a camera that zooms extensively will expand your photography options. This will give you better photos when in concerts, sporting events and even just casual shooting. Luckily, a wide range of cameras that have extended zoom are now available in the market.


Another thing that might come as a shocker to some is that sometimes, rechargeable batteries aren\’t even the best thing. Well, only if you\’re travelling. Sometimes, hotel rooms don\’t have the same sockets that you have alone. Of course, you can buy one of those universal adaptors but if you need a quick fix, maybe you need a camera with a AA battery because wherever you are in the world, you\’ll definitely find a place that sells batteries.


Another thing that might surprise some is that an SLR is not really the best thing for everybody. While SLR\’s can give you amazing shots, it\’s a pain to carry. Digital cameras are much more compact and you can take far more spontaneous shots with it. So, if you\’re not after amazing quality and you just want to capture memories, especially the spur of the moment kinds, then you better opt for a digital camera, instead.


To make this article more practical, let\’s move onto the actual brands in the market. Canon makes great cameras but Kodak is better at making easy to use cameras. So beginners would be good with a Kodak while those looking for an upgrade would be better off with a Canon.


Another thing is that you have to get used to the idea that digital cameras won\’t be as durable as the earlier cameras that operate with film. So, just don\’t expect your camera to last forever. Some people don\’t really understand this and once their camera breaks, they swear off that brand cause of the faultiness.


So, those are basically the things that people really don\’t understand about their cameras. Taking these things into consideration will not only help you find a camera that suits your lifestyle but it probably will also save you some money at the same time.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/digital-photography-articles/misconceptions-about-digital-cameras-4658204.html

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