Proud Photography – Honest Review

Proud Photography – Honest Review


Alex W.K.

Proud Photography is an interactive online course which offers lessons about photography for people who are interested to participate in a classroom-like learning environment. The course is conducted and written by a series of professional photographers and it is aimed for beginner to advance users. Peter Tinko is the CEO of He has won many awards and gained reputation in the commercial photography industry.

Proud Photography has a total of 13 interactive lessons which are professionally designed by the experts. The lessons are divided into the following;

  • Introduction to Photography and General Terms
  • Digital World
  • Exposure Control: Shutter Speed
  • Exposure Control: Aperture
  • Composition
  • Advanced Flash Photography Resource
  • Black and White Photography
  • Travel Photography Part I
  • Travel Photography Part II
  • People – Portraits
  • People and Environment
  • Various Tricks and Techniques
  • Common Pitfalls

A quiz or test will be provided after a lesson has been completed before moving on to the next lesson. You will not be able to skip lesson. There are also assignments that you need to accomplish in order to be graded. Those assignments will be added to your total score to determine your overall performance. Lessons are guided by professional specialists so you can get yourself a personal lecturer by contacting them for assistance. They will give feedback about your work once you submit to your teacher for grading. So you will not be left out even though you are studying through your computer at home.

You do not have to worry about the technical detail even you are a beginner because the lessons are clearly explained, comprehensive and simple to understand. The course is based on simplicity and specially designed with terms of photographic which explain along the way. So you can easily follow the simple advice. A certificate will be given if you have finished all 13 interactive lessons. There is no time limit, you can study at your own pace. It is more convenience to study at home than to travel.

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