Tips to Sell Pictures on Fotostock

Tips to Sell Pictures on Fotostock


Sunil Sharma

People know that if you have a good amount of quality photos, with themes identified and a bit of time and skill, you can make money selling them online through agencies. This is what is known as stock photo, web pages with thousands of photo files that are fed by the collaboration of professional and amateur photographers.

With a little time to start working on it, some discipline and continuity, it is possible to enter the bank account extra money that does not involve any effort or investment. But to start hanging your pictures on the Internet is necessary to know some issues that will make the process easier.

Choose a great start in an image database

First of all you need to register on the website as a contributor. You should complete data about your user name and password information on your career if you want a link to your website if you have it and other things specific to each web.

Once registered, you will be asked to send some test shots to start selling, usually between 3 and 10 images. These should be the best you have in your file, absolutely perfect, since they depend on to become part of the business. There is no limit to sell photos on several websites, although some of them give you the option of exclusivity in exchange for a greater percentage of income.

Technical characteristics of the images in a fotostock

There are more demanding sites such as Shutterstock, requiring a fairly high level in both technical and compositional characteristics of the images, but usually you need some basic properties of the files you send.

One is that they are in JPG, but there are pages that also support other formats such as TIFF or GIF. There is a standard resolution of the images, but the higher more likely is that the site put up for sale photo at different sizes and prices. An 8 megapixel camera that offers a resolution of 3,500 x 3,000 pixels, approximately, will be more than enough to work.

Any photo with excessive grain, focus, move, excess / lack of light or noise will be rejected, so it is not convenient to send. If possible, upload a file before trying to improve the image with digital editing software like Photoshop or use the editing tricks and improvement that you find online to make the picture ready. But beware: if you use too many effects to improve the image quality may be lost to the naked eye but not visible. Do not abuse the digital retouching and tries to leave the photo as natural as possible.

Photos for sale on the internet of interest

Most fashion magazines, beauty and heart derive from the stock photos to illustrate their stories. Browse a few of these publications is a good way of knowing what kind of images are those with higher output. In general, these objects, food and portraits of people representing daily activities such as work and sport or emotional situations (happiness, sadness, surprise, etc.).

If you decide to send pictures of people is essential to attach a permit from the model in the picture with his signature and the photographer. You can download the document type in each web. Deck if it is good idea to focus on images of people, especially if he appears not consent to publish the photo.

Begins to upload images in a photo bank

Once approved as a collaborator, we have to hang pictures, the more regular the better. The site has a control panel where you can go in groups of 5 or 10 at a time. In each of them will have to fill various fields of information as the category where you want to locate, keywords, permissions models, among other things. That\’s the longest process, but can be processed through the program Pro Stock Master, raising at once a group of photos to the main web sites simultaneously.

Most stock photo can also upload them via FTP. If you do not have a server, you can get on any page that offers programs for free download.

How much and how to make money by selling photos online

Once you have a large number of pictures hung, you start generating income in the medium term. Each website gives the employee a different percentage of profits, which can range from a percentage per image sold at a fixed amount, around 0.25 euro cents or more. The more pictures are posted and can be sold more access to better economic conditions.

To collect the revenue you must have an account at an Internet download page as Pay Pal, although there are more options and other systems available. Normally you cannot require payment until earnings reach a certain amount that is usually between 50 and 100 dollars.

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