Basic Digital Photography for Scrapbookers

4 Must-Know Tips

Taking photographs of your friends and family can be a lot more enjoyable if you follow some basic photography tips. These tips can keep your pictures looking professional and help you get the most use out of your camera.

Get Close to Your Subjects

Most great photographs are taken up close. When you are taking pictures, don’t be afraid to get close to your subject or use a telephoto lens. Have you ever been to a professional photographer? Notice that they either get very, very close to their subjects or they use a large lens. Getting up close will give you some great shots.

Make Sure You Have Enough Light

Even with a flash you need to be sure that your subjects are positioned with enough light in their faces. Don’t take a shot with the person’s back to the sun. Make sure to stand with the sun either above you or off to the side, depending on the time of day. You need to be sure that your subject’s face is filled with light, but not glare.

Learn to Compose Your Shot

Often, good photographs have less to do with the hardware you have and more to do with how you set up the shot. The composition of a picture is the way that you choose to frame the subjects.

Most people’s natural inclination is to put the subject of the photo smack dab in the middle of the frame. Unless you are shooting a large group of people, try using the rule of thirds to compose your shots. To follow this rule, imagine that your frame is divided into nine squares , with two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines.

Instead of putting your subject in the center, he or she should be on one of the middle intersecting points. This way the shot looks interesting and it will be more pleasing to the eye.

Reduce Camera Shake

Many digital photographs are ruined by camera shake, which happens when the photographer isn’t steady on his or her feet. Before you point and shoot, you should have both of your feet planted on the ground. Hold your camera up with your arms at comfortable angles away from your body. When you are ready to take the picture, be sure that you are lightly pressing down the shutter. When you poke the shutter down, you can jerk the camera down and lose your shot. Consider using a tripod to get complete control over the situation.

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