Buying a Digicam

Finding the Best Digital Camera that is within Your Budget

Author: willoughbys

There is a different joy photography gives us. Whether we are just simply taking pictures to record a certain event or just simply marvel the world outside, more and more people are truly getting hooked about what photography provides. The art of using digital cameras have also evolved. Starting from the love of family members to record great events within the family from individuals who just love to shoot themselves every chance they get.

Digital photography has really come a long way and it has given lots of opportunity to those whom if not for digital cameras, they would not even probably become professional photographers. If you are looking for a camera that will allow you to capture those special and even ordinary moments around you, then you will need a high quality camera. However, the choices for quality, features and price vary a lot. It is not just about the quality of the camera you are looking for, but it is also necessary that you get the best price that you can find.


Canon G12 - G11


Canon D1 MkIV

Ya pays ya money and ya takes ya choice.



Always consider your budget. If your budget can allow you to spend about $1000, then you can consider searching for a quality DSLR. For instance the Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR can be found for just $900.00 and you are certain that the camera can really be a good investment for your money and future endeavors with photography.

However, if you are not serious about photography, but just want to capture events within your family and friends then you can consider a compact digital camera. You can also search for Canon PowerShot series. Even with a $1000 budget you can still save since most compact cameras can be found for just $500 and below.

When you choose your digital camera, better know its complete list of features such as HD video recording, optical image stabilization, and high shutter speed especially if you are looking for a digital SLR, as digital SLR will allow you to control most of its features and put it to your desired setting. However, the same concept should still apply for compact cameras since you want to be in control on the type of camera you will purchase.


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