Photo Tour – Why Travel And Tuition Go Together So Well

Author: David Still

Are you sick of taking bad photos and want to feel more confident behind the camera? Do you want to experience a holiday with a difference?

Photo tours are the newest kind of niche travel holiday. Digital cameras with their instant on-screen results have created a new generation of photo enthusiasts. Groups of keen snappers travel with a tutor, learning how to capture amazing images while touring various destinations around the world. Photographic skills gained on these tours last long after the tutored tour has finished and images brought back by even total newbies never fail to impress their friends.

Whether you know it or not, landscape and travel photography can be made exciting and fun… with the right photo tuition. No matter what your present ability you can create the kind of images you have always wanted to, while discovering and capturing images of fabulous locations around the world.

* Are you often disappointed with your images when you return from holiday?

* Ever wondered how the professionals capture their breathtaking images every time?

* Are you confused with all the technical aspects and jargon involved in photography?

* Ever wondered how to blend light and land into a balanced photo?

* Do you know how to blur water or freeze fast action?

* Could you make all of your image sharp from foreground to background?

* Can you pick out a subject by keeping it sharp while rendering the rest of a shot blurry?

If you are having trouble taking decent shots, enrol yourself on a photo tour tutored by someone who really knows what they are talking about, someone like a top professional photographer. Their expertise will make your learning a lot easier and make the whole tour more rewarding. If they have a genuine love for photography, you will find that this passion will come through in their advice and while they are explaining techniques to you.

A good tutor will have the ability to explain even the most complex techniques in the simplest way. Even a rank amateur photographer will enjoy gaining knowledge and start to create great images like those professional looking shots everyone is striving to achieve.

Ensure the tour you choose isn’t just a monotonous series of lessons giving you a daily dose of dry facts. Choose your tour carefully, with a tutor who has a good sense of humour and of course a robust knowledge of photography. You should find travelling to locations exciting and the fact that you have been learning without even realising, extremely rewarding. When you return home, your inner confidence should have increased, ready for the next time you pick up your camera or go on holiday.

With some scouting around you will also be able to find photo tour companies that cater for the partners of the keen photographers. These custom Tours-In-Tandem, could be designed around their interests, which may be a gastro trail, golf, adventure or just sightseeing, shopping and spas, then meet in the evenings to catch up on the days events with their photographer partners … that’s a win-win situation for both.

Most photo tour companies run the same booking procedures when it comes to what is involved in the price. It is normal for the flights to a photo tour destination not to be included in the price. This actually is a very good thing for the consumer as flight prices can vary greatly. This also gives you the freedom to choose additional days either side of a tour if you wish.

Another area that needs consideration is insurance. Most photo tour companies will insist that you arrange travel/health and equipment insurance before you can be confirmed on a tour. You may like to ensure that you are covered for public liability/legal claims on your policy  just in case you knock over a Ming vase or a hapless local falls over your tripod leg and breaks a bone. In summary, make sure you are well covered (like you would for any other holiday destination) so you can relax and enjoy your tour.

Another good thing about an arranged group photo tour is that you are travelling with a bunch of like-minded people and all of the thinking has been done for you. You should be at each location when it is looking it’s best, so you can dedicate your time to learning and enjoying the ride.

Stills Photo Tours offer tour locations that have been scouted and hand-picked by your tutor to have you at the right place at the right time to ensure you are able to catch every location at its best. The hard bit for you will be knowing which angle to choose as every turn will produce possibilities that seem more inspiring than the last. With your tutor alongside you, no matter which one you choose you will always have expert guidance just when you need it and that is priceless.

Find out about the great locations we travel to – across the UK, Europe and our specialty, New Zealand. Go to our website to see the possibilities for your experience of a lifetime.

This article was written by David Still of Stills Photo Tours

David has been a Professional Photographer for over 20 years and has honed his skills shooting for international advertising agencies, multi national corporations and publishing houses.


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