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With the innovations in DSLR cameras making photography easier than ever, many are adopting this enjoyable hobby. Getting into photography may be easier; however, knowing what camera equipment to buy may be intimidating.

There is a wide variety of Professional Camera equipment to consider. Whether you are just taking photos as a hobby or if you plan to get into serious professional photography, the first step is to protect your camera equipment. A quality DLSR camera is an expensive cornerstone piece for any photographer, but professional cameras should be seen as an investment. While many come with camera cases, it’s best to purchase a higher quality, more durable case.

Compact cameras are built to be sturdy, to withstand the occasional drop. The lenses typically retract into the camera, so there isn’t much risk there for breakage. Purchasing a high quality camera bag will also be helpful. You want to choose a camera bag that is cushioned, but has pockets. The next piece of camera equipment you will purchase is likely to be more than one. Lenses are an important part of taking the photographer from hobbyist to professional. Most DSLRs come with lenses. Professional camera equipment does make a significant impact on the quality of the photographs you produce. The lens that came with your camera likely offers a focal length of 18mm to 55mm. That sort of lens isn’t a bad thing; they are great for daylight photography or taking flash photos indoors. The best prime lens to start out with is a piece of professional camera equipment that will offer you a focal length from 35mm to 85mm. These are typically made with a higher quality glass than other zoom lenses, but can impact your photography immensely. While you’re looking for those first few critical pieces of more professional camera equipment invest in a good zoom lens. For those action paced, exciting photos, using a telephoto lens in the range of 100mm-300mm is necessary.

Best Rated Professional Digital SLR Camera – Nikon D3

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If you want a professional camera that will let you just shoot and get great images fast and easy then you are looking for the Nikon D3, which is considered by many to be the best rated digital SLR camera. This camera will definitely let you do the things you are not able to do with other cameras, or let’s you do them at a much higher standard.Best Rated Digital SLR Camera — Usage

The Nikon D3 can be used professionally for events such as news, sports and action, and it is also very good in taking landscape photos. This camera really provides quality performance. This Nikon D3 camera adds more speed, more choices of lens, triples the battery life of its predecessor which is called the D300 and sports a real-time viewfinder camera display just positioned on its top.

Best Rated Digital SLR Camera – Popularity

Many professional photographers consider this model as the best one so far made by Nikon. It was launched around the year 2007 and after a few months it gained a lot of popularity among professional and non-professional photographers alike. With this camera, you get excellent quality of pictures.

Best Rated Digital SLR Camera — Composition

Another advantage you can derive in buying this product is its ability to produce pictures with excellent composition. The D3’s adjustment of automatic settings is considered to be pretty strong, so often you can get away with just using automatic settings.

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