Professional travel photos

Author: winstonbeiler16n

First of all, you can view online, there are those photographers will go where you take pictures, it will tell you what the local attractions will also give you some inspiration taken, you can draw up your plans and travel photography.

1. Use Bright Colors

Use of large, dramatic color to the composition – the key is a simple composition. Or concentrate as much as possible to use one or two colors. One was dominated by red or blue image will have a strong impact. But do not stick to use, such as pink or green color can also form a fine and strong composition.

Color can evoke strong emotions. Red is warm, the dominant color. It is heat and light color, but it also implies danger or anger. The color red is strong, but also the most sensitive eye color; blue is relatively cool, calm colors; green usually means life and vitality.

2. Use Late Afternoon Light

“Photography” comes from the Greek word, meaning painting with light. This may be able to remind you: light is the most important factor in photography. In fact, professionals are usually “wait for the best light.” Sunny day at noon, the light is glaring, ugly, and in any case to avoid using such light photography.

For most of the shooting subject is, of course, the sun low in the sky position of the light is better – this means that the sun rises or falls after an hour or so before the light is best. But if you in the tropics, you have to pay close attention to film, because that place the sun sets so quickly, on the contrary, if you are farther from the equator, then the time is after sunset, lasting several. Also note that the weather rain or storm, can form a fun, light conditions can not be repeated, this time you may be able to capture good photos.

Sometimes light and climate may not be what you expect, especially when you travel by the time limit. So you have to learn to cloudy or cloudy weather conditions photographic skills. This climate is ideal for nature photography (especially flowers), and black and white portrait photography.

3. Look for a different take on local landmarks

How many possible ways to shoot the Eiffel Tower? At first glance, seem to not do much. You can go search for the word under the Eiffel Tower, you know how many people have taken many different ways – it is to shoot the famous sights but also want something new or different challenges. First, you have to ensure good light when you are in that place, if you have wide-angle or telephoto lens to shoot on a little bit with their unique creativity to the first. Then you have to shoot to point people to the fun – it does not mean tourists, locals are doing their best day in the doing. You can also shoot some people totally unexpected situation, such as shooting in the rain – to see what happens.

4. Look for Detail

Photography must first have a certain observation – capture the spirit of the place that you’re in. Analogy, this small detail may be light through the cobbled streets, is also possible that in the local market selling local crafts, local restaurants or food, or even just the characteristics of a building. These small details may not be exciting – they are just a place you can evoke memories of the small details

5. Beaten track? No!

Unusual to find those who do not know much about the place or places where people – to find some local places where tourists rarely seen stroll. This may enhance your photos, you can increase the fun of travel.

6. Use a polarizing filter

7. Take Photos at Night

To learn how to shoot at night. The best night view photo is light in the sky some time to shoot. In this period of time in front of the evening light somehow magic color: little bit of the city lights flicker, color has become with mist, past the car left the track of light color.

I suggest that travel the most appropriate use of aigo digital cameras. It is compact, stylish, cheap.


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