Quick Landscape Photography Tips

Author: Nikki Sabato

Landscape photography is a one of the most popular fields in photography due to a variety of spectacular subjects that can be photographed. Landscape photography takes into consideration a wide range of photographic skills including composition, aperture and speed adjustment, light metering, timing and post production. Post production commonly involves viewing and adjustment on a photo editing software for cropping, color correction, image resizing and finally, printing. Whether for personal use or for profit, it’s best to print photographs using professional printing services. Below is a quick list of essential elements to consider when taking landscape photographs.

Larger Depth of Field – A larger depth of requires adjusting the aperture setting of a DSL-R camera to a smaller value. This is needed in order for the lens to take in and focus on all the elements of the landscape subject. Landscapes, unlike portraits or action photography, are large-scaled and detailed. Standard kit lenses of consumer D-SLRs have an 18-55 mm. wide-angle lens suitable for landscape photography. Landscape photos are often used as postcard subjects, particularly of pure, scenic landscapes. Postcards are a highly visual but portable medium that can capture the extent of an entire landscape scene.

Adjusting Light – Maximizing the depth of field requires a loss of light as the lens opening is at its smallest. In order to compensate, it’s best to lower the shutter speed or increase the ISO setting for low lighting conditions. Landscape subjects have varied lighting conditions that change in a matter of minutes. Natural light in landscapes is an essential factor that must be captured in any photograph. In freelance photography, landscape shots can be used as promotional materials and gift items when printed on calendars. Calendars today can be custom-made and printed in bulk using convenient online printing services.

Use a tripod – The use of a tripod is crucial when taking landscapes in low lighting conditions. The downside of decreasing the shutter speed is a blurring of images due to the camera’s shake and sensitivity to movement. For best results, it’s advisable to activate the shutter button using a remote control for maximum movement control. Using a tripod can ensure clear, vivid photo images that can be produced as a poster print. Online printing also offers large-format, poster printing services at affordable or discounted rates.

Professional printers offer a variety of services that can fully maximize the beauty of landscape photography. All of these services are available to the customer, 24 hours a day through the convenience of online printing. Printing a postcard and poster print is also made affordable at gang prices and substantial discounts.

Nikki is a writer with experience in design. Currently, she works in the field of marketing.

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