The Origin of DVD’s

Author: Alice Rose

When we think of music we normally associate our mental images with DVD players and the stereo players of different kinds. If you sit down for a while and think of what DVD is all about, you will actually realize that DVDs came about because we needed some storage device to store and transport data.

Those were the days when our lives were filled with tapes and floppy disks, which today are difficult to find. These were not able to store huge amount of data and besides were easily corruptible. With the improvement of technology and storage media, we got the compact disks. Compact Disks were welcome because they could be used to store huge amount of data and bigger files. Besides they were water proof and the data storage and retrieval was stable.

As is our human mentality we tend to put up with things and use things until we find it impossible to use any item and everybody has this tendency to hoard and store. So was the case with floppy disks and drives. It was voluminous but people still stored them in stacks. But the requirement of data that had to be stored was so huge that there was no other option but to look for a storage mechanism to handle huge files.

There was an urgent need felt to come up with a better mechanism and device on a new format. Many groups started working on this with each one competing with the other. But then finally we saw the experts getting together and coming up with DVD format setting aside all their differences and made inroads with new data storage methodology.

As the demand was very high, it did not take long for the production lines to be setup and huge stocks reached all retail shelves ready for people to pick up and take home.

You will be surprised to know that the first time the CDs were introduced in Japanese markets before they reached the American shores and there after to European markets by the end of the year. Today you find them all over the world.

The accreditation of having invented DVD player for portable use went rightly to a Japanese company. You can say that this was the trigger for a revolution in mobile entertainment and storage industry.

Who was the happiest with this development? It is easy to guess perhaps. Yes it was the families who could now do away with carrying loads of floppy disks in their car whenever they went driving and children could enjoy their favorite DVDs and watch cartoons and movies too.

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